Period Delay

Period Delay

Many women will be familiar with the annoyance of a badly-timed period. A happy event like a wedding or holiday can be spoiled by the irritation of a period, and until relatively recently there was nothing that could be done to solve this problem. However, there is now a solution in the form of the prescription medication Norethisterone, which is capable of delaying your period for up to two weeks, allowing you the freedom and spontaneity to enjoy your special occasions.

Norethisterone is a convenient way for women who are not on the contraceptive pill to delay their period for up to two weeks in the case of a special event.
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Methods of period delay

There are two medical options of period delay open to women and the choice depends on whether you are taking the combined contraceptive pill or not. If you are, then you can delay your period by taking two packs back to back rather than taking the normal seven day break in between. You should be aware that this method can differ for different pills, so you should check with your doctor before relying on this method to delay your period. Women who are not taking the pill can take a prescription medication called Norethisterone.

How period delay works

It is the synthetic progestogen contained in both contraceptive pills and period delay treatments like Norethisterone that works to delay your period. When you take your pill for longer or take a pill like Norethisterone then you raise the levels of natural progestogen in your body. Rather than releasing the womb lining as normal, the body, affected by the additional progestogen, will hold on to it for longer, meaning your period is delayed.