Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Stop smoking for good this time.
Our dual-action treatment will help you stop smoking and control your addiction by reducing the chances of relapse.

A smoker has a 50% chance of dying because of the habit and a 50% chance of seeing a relative die from the same causes. When a person decides to quit smoking, these risks can be lowered in just two weeks and disappear completely after five years. Although most smokers know that they are at risk for a number of serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular problems and different cancers, most people find it very difficult to quit due to the addictive substances in cigarettes.

Champix is a highly effective prescription treatment to help you stop smoking in just 12 weeks by helping to reduce your cravings. It is the only treatment of its kind available today.
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In order to successfully quit smoking, you will need to tackle both the physical and psychological addiction. the physical addiction to nicotene is very powerful and attempting to quit without any kind of external aid is unlikely to be successful as the withdrawal effects are often very difficult to handle alone.

Most smokers are dependant on the smoking experience as much as the physical addiction to the substances. One of the most common methods used in order to quit smoking is a nicotine replacement therapy such as patches or gum, but this is only substitutes the method with which the nicotine reaches your bloodstream and does not tackle the addiction. The greatest chance of successfully quitting smoking is with a prescription treatment such as Champix.